Justin Viz

Height 6'2"

Weight 175 lbs

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"Live At The Paris" (Short)


San Francisco State University


"Timon of Athens"

"Love And Hours"

"The Cool" (Original Cast)

"Guys And Dolls"

Apemantus (Supporting)

Dan Jr. (Supporting)

Johnny (Supporting)

Gambler (Ensemble)

SI Shakespearean Theatre Company

Broadway West Theatre Company

Amado's (Dir. Phillip Watt) 

City College Of San Francisco

Representational Roles

"An Enemy Of The People"



"Docter Faustus"

"No Exit"


Mayor (Lead)

Phillip (Lead)

Hamlet (Lead)

Faustus (Lead)

Garcin (Lead)

Chris (Lead)

Tom Todoroff Conservatory

Tom Todoroff Conservatory

Tom Todoroff Conservatory

Tom Todoroff Conservatory

Tom Todoroff Conservatory

Tom Todoroff Conservatory


"Tom Todoroff Conservatory" New York City, NY (Two Year Actor Training Program)

- Mary Lou Rosato, Andrew Wade, Janice Orlandi, Patrick Mulryan, Miriam Silverman, Phillip Markle, Todd Thaler, Chuck Hooper, Jessica Hecht, Tony Nation, Anna Garduno, Jared Kirby, Margi Douglas, Allison Plamondon, Eugene Ma, Joshua Troxler, Anton Lapidus, Jamie Monahan, & Tom Todoroff

"LAMDA" London, UK (Physical Theater)

- Heriberto Montalban & Debra Stytch

"Mountview Academy" London, UK (Acting Master Course)

- Victoria Woodward, Richard Vincent, Maria Clarke, Richard Fitch, & Jason Lawson

"Royal Central School" London, UK (Acting With Text)

- Joanna Burnett, Salvatore Sorce, & Ita O'Brien

"Berkeley Rep" Berkeley, CA (Advance Acting)

- Rolf Saxon

"American Conservatory Theater" San Francisco, CA (Acting & Auition Technique)

- Marvin Greene & Trish Mulholland


Bachelor Of Arts; Cinema (San Francisco State University)

Special Skills

Accents & Dialects:

IPA Proficient, Neutral American, Classical American, Mid-Atlantic, Southern (Soft R & Hard R), New York, Boston, Tagalog, Standard British (RP, Estuary, & Cockney), Irish, Scottish, French, German, Aussie, & Russian...I love language & playing with voices, so I'm proficient with sounds!


Basketball, Football, Baseball, Soccer, Golf, Mini-Golf, Dodge Ball, Kick Ball, Bicycling, Roller Blade, Horseback Riding (Novice), Ice Skating (Novice), Billiards, Ping-Pong, Skee-Ball, & Video Games...I enjoy a little competition.

Stage Combat:

10 Week Training Course with Jared Kirby at The Tom Todoroff Conservatory


Hip-Hop, Salsa, Cha-Cha, Tango, Waltz, Hustle, Ballet, & Jazz

Driver's & Motorcycle License

U.S. Passport